I had an interesting question about a USB WiFi adapter from a reader. He wanted to know if the device could serve as a replacement for an Internet service provider since he lived in an area where you couldn’t get cable or DSL service.  A USB WiFi adapter is a device that plugs into the USB port of your laptop or desktop. It can give your device the ability to receive a WiFi signal if doesn’t have a built-in receiver or sometimes improve the device’s ability to pick up a WiFi signal.  But there already has to be a WiFi signal for it to pick up. So you do need an Internet service provider and a router already in place.

There is a USB device that can connect you to Internet service, it’s called a USB modem. You will have to either pay for a data plan with a wireless carrier or buy a pre-paid broadband device.


You’ll also need to have a good wireless signal available in your area. You’ll need to check with the available wireless carriers to see what they offer where you live.

~ Cynthia