Twitter has announced that it’s shutting down Vine, a popular social media video sharing app with millions of users.

For now, the apps and the website are still working, but since Twitter is planning on closing it all down, if you have Vine videos on their servers, you’ll need to download them if you want to keep them.  Twitter says it will offer a way to download the videos before shutting down, but if you’d rather go ahead and get them now to make sure, here’s a quick way to do it.

You’ll need to open up Vine Video download.  Click here to access the site.


In another tab on your browser, log in to your vine account.


Click on a video to select.


Click the little three-dot menu by your username and choose View Post Page.


Copy the URL of the video from the address bar.


Paste the address in the appropriate box on the Vine Video Download page and hit “Go.”


Scroll down and you can see your video. Either press the Download button or right-click the video and choose “Save As.”


The video will then appear either in your downloads folder or the folder you chose to save it in.


Since some folks had built their whole careers around Vine videos, they were understandably crushed to find the service shutting down. But although popular, Vine was never profitable. It’s free to use and has suffered from stiff competition as other platforms like Instagram have added video features.~ c

~ Cynthia