Do you ever find yourself looking at social media when you should be working? Chatting with friends over Facebook when you should be writing? Knowingly procrastinating? I’m so guilty of that especially if I have homework to do!

Well now, you can choose to limit your distractions with this handy plug-in for Google Chrome. The DistractOff extension lets you schedule blocking out social media, so that you can get your work done.

The first thing you’ll need is Google Chrome. It’s my browser of choice, but if you don’t have it and want to try the extension out, you’ll have to download it. Once you’ve got Chrome you can go to this website and click the Get it for Chrome button.  This takes you to the Google Play Store where you can then click the Add to Chrome button.

Once it’s installed it shows you where on the browser you can find the DO icon in the upper top right corner of your browser. To use it, navigate to a site you want to block while you’re working, for example, Facebook, Google  +, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and click the DO icon. It will drop down a menu with three options – Start/Stop, Add this Site, Settings – choose add this site to block the site you’re looking at.

After you’ve added the sites you want to block while you’re working you’re ready to go. Click the Start button when you begin working, and the Stop button when you’re finished.  If you visit one of your listed sites while the blocker is active you’ll see a white screen with two buttons beneath the “Shouldn’t you be working?” question. The Yes, You’re Right button will close the tab entirely so you get back to work. The Ehm, This is Important Really button will load the page.

At the bottom of a blocked page, you’ll also find the Settings button. This lets you see a list of your chosen blocked sites, set up a schedule of blocked times, and the changelog for the extension.

Go check it out today and see if you can raise your productivity with this distraction blocker!