Java With Windows XP

We got this question in our inbox. “Can I use Java with Windows XP.”
My response to that would be, “No, no, no…one thousand times no.”


Allow me to explain. Microsoft ended security support for Windows XP back in April 0f 2014. That means there is no longer any protection for Windows XP against viruses or any fixes for bugs.

That also means there aren’t any more Java updates for XP. You can still try to update, but Java won’t guarantee that it will function properly. This is a really bad idea, though. Java is a very vulnerable platform that’s prone to attack. XP is a completely vulnerable operating system.  That could be a recipe for disaster.  If you have an XP computer, you need to stay offline. If you’re offline, you don’t need Java, since it is used to display content inside browsers.

You can try to use Java, but you’re going to have problems and you aren’t going to be safe.

~ Cynthia



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