Martha Washington

Martha Dandridge Custis Washington was born in the 1730’s, she would marry twice, have children, bear witness to the revolution that created the United States of America and become the very first First Lady. Are you ready to learn more about Martha Washington?  I am!

When you arrive at the site, you’ll find some introductory text about Martha Washington’s life, and three navigation options: Martha’s Biography, Teaching Materials, and the Archive. Underneath the little introduction, you’ll find a description of those three sections. I love that this not only offers biographical information about Martha Washington, but also that they offer historical information about women from the 18th Century.

I started my visit by checking out Martha Washington’s Biography. You’ll find navigation options on the left side menu, and the content loads on the right side of the page. The biography is broken down into categories by life events which makes it easy to check out information you’re interested in. I headed for the Custis Years because I was curious what Martha’s first marriage was like. I was also very interested in her position as a widow in the 18th century.

What will you start by checking out? The Archive has fantastic items to check out! So you might want to start there.


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