A reader had some pertinent question about Smart TVs:

“You don’t mention the downside of smart TVs … SMART TV’s require software to make them “smart”. The simple reality is that software is buggy and needs to be FREQUENTLY updated.

Can the TV “SMART” software be updated?

Does the TV maker provide updates?

How long do they plan to provide updates? My last TV lasted 20 years (granted it appears that my new one, NOT SMART, won’t last anywhere that long )”


You make some excellent points. And, yes, manufacturers can update smart TVs.  A smart TV is really just a really big tablet that runs apps. The makers of those apps can also update them. But just as with a tablet, it’s up to the manufacturer how long they will continue to provide updates.  Updates are available via the Internet, just like with any tablet. For example, on a Samsung Smart TV, you’ll find a Support option on your menu. You can go there and choose a Software Update option.

That’s why a device like Roku or Fire TV can be a better option. You get apps and Internet access just like a smart TV, but they are fairly inexpensive to replace if they break or if technology changes.

As far as how long your TV will last, only time will tell.

~ Cynthia