I’m sure you have seen the word “algorithm” floating around and thought about what they are or maybe even how they work. Whether you saw it in an article here on Worldstart.com attempting to explain how computers work or in a video tutorial you found somewhere else, algorithms are everywhere. In fact, you might even have a few memorized without realizing it.
For instance, if you’ve ever thought of multiplying as adding multiple times, that’s an algorithm!

Or if you have ever seen the phrase “lather, rinse, repeat” on bottle of shampoo, then you’ve seen an algorithm. Finding them is actually fairly simple. The concept of solving problems one step at a time is taught to us at a very young age and because of this, the idea of algorithms is easy to understand. This is example of an algorithm you would use to organize a stack of books
in alphabetical order.


Much like you would use this algorithm to sort a pile of books, computers also use algorithms to sort data. Other times people make algorithms for computers to find the best possible solution to a problem, this is commonly referred to as optimization and many different formulas are currently being tested by scientists across the globe.

In both cases algorithms are like recipes that you and computers use to solve problems. It can use steps that are very similar
to one another to make the problem easier. Computers make tough problems look easy when they actually use the same processes that we do, and the only reason it’s possible . Though the word “algorithm” sounds a little intimidating at first the basic idea becomes much easier to understand with a little bit of explanation.

~ Devin Glispy