Today we’re going to check out some important Internet Explorer settings. Privacy settings control things like cookies, whether or not sites can access your location, toolbars, extensions, and even pop-ups. To access Privacy settings,  click the gear icon in the upper-right  corner of your open Internet explorer window. Then chose Internet options from the drop-down menu.


Then click the Privacy tab at the top of the Internet Options window.


At the top, you’ll see a slider bar that you can use to adjust the level of protection against cookies. The default setting is Medium.


Set it to low, and Internet Explorer will accept all cookies.


Set it to high, and you block all cookies.


Click the Sites button…


…and you’ll be able to control cookies from individual sites.


Click Advanced, and you can override automatic cookie handling and allow or block cookies.


Below that, you have Location settings. Tick the box to never allow websites to ask your location. Click the Clear Sites button to remove any locations that might already be stored.


If you’re tired of pop-ups, you’ll want to make sure that the Pop-up Blocker box is checked.  Click Settings…


And you can set exceptions to the pop-up blocking and choose to be notified when a pop-up is blocked. This is also where you can control the blocking level.


Below that you can also choose to disable toolbars and extensions when you use InPrivate Browsing.


Make sure to click Apply to confirm your changes.

~ Cynthia