We’re continuing our look at Internet Explorer. Today, let’s check out what you can find under the Content tab in Internet Options. This is where you can control family safety and autocomplete.  Start by clicking the gear icon on the upper-right side of the page and choose Internet Options from the drop-down menu.


When the Internet Options window opens, choose the Content tab.


Your first option at the top is Family Safety. This is where you can control what type of content is viewed in Internet Explorer.


From here you can pick a game rating standard and choose how you want to filter content when a child is using the PC.


Under Certificates, you can decide how you want to use security certificates in Explorer. You can clear old ones out and choose the ones you are willing to accept.


Under that is an important security option, AutoComplete.


You can choose where you want to allow Internet Explorer to complete forms or passwords or Internet addresses. This requires the browser to save some of your information.  You can click Delete AutoComplete history to clear out information you don’t want to be stored.


If you happen to subscribe to web slices or RSS feeds, you can manage how frequently they’re downloaded by clicking Settings under Feeds and Web Slices.


Make sure to apply the changes before you close the windows.

~ Cynthia