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Terry from Tennessee wants to transfer his music over to his new PC, but doesn’t want to lose the playlists that he’s built in the process.  He writes “Have been waiting to transfer music to my new Win.8 laptop (from XP PC). I have a LOT of music on the XP – too much. But I have favorite playlists on Windows Media Player. Is there an easy way to transfer just those lists of songs to the new computer without a lot a trouble?  Hoping so – otherwise it will be a LONG process I think.”

Hi, Terry.  Thanks for the great question!  Microsoft has made it pretty easy to transfer your playlists on WMP.

First, plug some sort of removable media into your PC… a memory card, a thumb drive, whatever.  Next, open WMP and click on the arrow next to PLAYLISTS to expand your list of playlists.  Then right-click on one of the playlists that you want to transfer, and click OPEN FILE LOCATION.

One of the files listed will be an .M3U file.  This will be your playlist.  Right-click on that file and select COPY.

Next, open your removable media location, right-click and click PASTE.  Repeat this process on all of your playlists until you have all of the ones that you want on your removable media.  Remove the media from your old PC and insert it into your new PC.  Open the removable media location, use shift-click to select all of the playlist files.  Open the MUSIC location on your new PC, and look for a file called PLAYLISTS.  Right-click on this and select PASTE.

There you go!  All of your playlists are now on your new PC!

I hope that this helps.

Randal Schaffer

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