Here’s another nifty app from Microsoft’s Garage project. The Garage project allows MS employees to develop side projects. It’s resulted in some nifty little apps and this one is pretty cool. It was even given an award for the best Android lock screen of 2016.  This app is available for free in the Google Play Store.

Let’s check out what it does.  Of course, as a lock screen, it lets you lock the screen. You can choose a pin, pattern code, or even a fingerprint if your device has the hardware. You can also set a smart location lock based on whether you’re at home or at work.


You can customize your lock screen to display whatever you want to see. You could choose to see notifications of calls, texts, messages, and from apps like Facebook or Gmail.


You’ll also be able to set up a launchpad where you can launch selected frequently used apps.


Check the weather.


View your calendar.

You’ve probably noticed the beautiful images on the screenshots above. You can choose wallpapers for your phone from the gorgeous library of Bing images.

Just go to the Google Play and search for Next Lock Screen. Then tap the Install button.

~ Cynthia