A reader was in a panic over seeing the dreaded blue screen of death. “Last night when my grandson was turning off my computer a page showed up that was blue and said it was doing something with a problem and said to go to windows.com to get more info on the error. It also said something about memory management. Did say it was 100% but did not shut down so I had to manually shut it down. Can you tell me anything about what this is? He was on YouTube playing some stuff so hoping this is not going to be a problem for me.”

It likely was a RAM error like the one displayed below. Unless your grandson happened across a piece of adware that mimics this error and attempts to get you to go their site. It does sound more like a RAM (Random Access Memory) error.  This type of memory has nothing to do with the amount of disk space on your PC.


This is related to your RAM.  These little sticks that help your PC do its thinking.


It’s possible something that your grandson was doing over-taxed the memory.  Will your PC boot back up normally?  If not, you’ll need to take it to a tech professional since you may need to replace the RAM. (Unless you are tech-savvy and like to do that type of thing.)

If it works normally with no more blue screens, you should be fine. Check for recently installed programs. It’s possible something was installed that was too much for your PC to handle. If you still get the error occasionally, you’ll want to make sure to run a virus and malware scam. If you still see the issue, you may need to update you BIOS and drivers.

~ Cynthia