If you have a website, you know that first impressions matter. That’s why you want the very best landing page possible to engage visitors when they check out your site. Effective landing pages are simple, well-designed, and present a clear and engaging offer in exchange for information, usually an email address.

If you have a website, you’ve probably built landing pages before. Maybe you’ve even done some A/B testing to try to increase your conversion rate. (Conversion rate means the number of people who did what you wanted them to do when they landed on your page. Maybe they subscribed to a newsletter, made a donation, or made a purchase.) With landing page building tools, you can quickly and easily create high-converting landing pages.

A typical landing page converts between five and 15 percent, but really good landing pages can convert at a rate upwards of 30 percent. Increasing your conversion rate is an important goal for an e-commerce store because it produces more revenue with the same amount of traffic.

 Here are three top landing page creation tools to help you increase conversions:


Unbounce is named after the concept of preventing users from “bouncing” or leaving a website. Unbounce is a great tool to create attractive landing pages that convert.


It features a “drag and drop” design interface for mobile responsive landing pages as well as built-in A/B testing capabilities to see what’s working. Unbounce provides pre-made templates you can use for different purposes, including click-through, coming soon, lead generation pages.

When building a commerce website, it can be difficult to integrate landing pages with the overall website experience. Unbounce makes it easy to customize and brand your landing pages to create a seamless user experience.

Plans with Unbounce currently start at $49 per month, but you can sign up for a free 30-day trial with no obligation to see if it’s right for you.


LeadPages is without a doubt the most well-known landing page builders available online. Its page editor is robust, but still fairly easy to use. You’ve probably seen a “LeadBox” pop-up on a website for a content upgrade, but of course, you can also create full landing pages too.

LeadPages has one of the largest selections of landing page templates, each tested and tailored for different purposes. You can even select a template based on its reported conversion rate.


Pricing for LeadPages starts at only $25 per month, but you’ll need to purchase higher-tier plans for features like A/B testing or 1-click signup links. A free trial is also available.



Instapage is a very user-friendly tool. Of the millions of landing pages built with Instapage, the company claims the average conversion rate is over 25 percent. Impressive!

Instapage also offers “drag and drop” design and mobile responsive web pages, similar to other page-building tools. Its interface is more on the simple side, which can help ease the learning curve and save time spent tinkering. However, its simplicity can be a hindrance to users looking for more advanced options and customization.

The main benefit of Instapage is that it offers a lot of the same features as its competitors, but for a lower price. Instapage pricing currently starts at $29 per month, making it the best option for those on a budget. Plus, there’s a free trial.

As you can see, there are many landing page tools to choose from for your e-commerce website. Many of these tools offer similar features such as easy-to-use interfaces, responsive page designs, and email integration. Any tool you choose will allow you to create landing pages quickly without a lot of technical knowledge.

The best part is these tools all offer free trials, so you can see which option you like the best. You don’t need to know how to code to create beautiful, effective landing pages, so get started with one of these tools today!

~ Rummer Micheal Findlay