Learn more about the building of the Panama Canal with this site from the The Linda Hall Library’s A.B. Nichols Panama Canal Collection.

When you arrive at the site, you’ll find the main page full of places for you to explore. The featured categories are: Who was A.B. Nichols?, Interactive Map, Explore the Timeline, The Lure of the Pacific, Envisioning a Canal, Prelude to the Railroad, Panama Railroad.The French Plan, French Attempt, Fighting Fever, Making the Dirt Fly, Somebody Dying Everyday, Life in the Zone, Locks, and A Century of Progress.

All you have to do explore these sections is click into them. What you’ll find are robust sections with historical background, images, and some interactive activities (like the map and timeline). I think they did a really great job of covering the construction of the canal from 1904 to 1915.

I recommend starting with the Who is A.B. Nichols section, because it gives you a real sense of the overarching history of the Panama Canal. Next I would head over to the Timeline section, because it also gives a great overview of the history.

Go learn more about the Panama Canal today!