Every time you browse the Internet, your activities are being tracked. I am not talking about the controversial topic of the NSA tracking users. I am simply referring to the standard tech industry practice of companies and advertisers tracking where you go and what you click on in order to collect individual browsing habits.

This is clearly an infringement of a user’s privacy and yet, every big site you visit spies on you using hidden trackers without your knowledge or consent. Companies usually use cookies and browser fingerprinting to identify your computer and build a database of your browsing habits. As you must have guessed by now, this article is about how you can stop them from doing so.

Enter Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is an excellent extension for Chrome and Firefox that monitors whether any third party trackers are keeping tab of your activities when you are browsing a particular site and stops them from doing so.

Its primary intention is to keep you safe from those sites (like Facebook) that follow you as you browse around the Internet. The best part about this extension is that you as a user don’t have to tweak anything. Privacy Badger adapts to your style of browsing and identifies common trackers on the go. By installing a simple extension you can accomplish what otherwise would’ve taken many advanced tweaks to the browser settings.


Click here to install Privacy Badger. While you are on their website, you can also read the FAQ to get a better understanding of how the extension protects you from prying eyes.

Once installed, the Privacy Badger icon will appear next to the address bar. Every time you visit a website, you can click the icon to see which third party trackers are being blocked.

When I visited Foxnews.com, 12 trackers were found on their homepage and Privacy Badger  blocked the ones it deemed inappropriate. While it does block some ads, it is not exactly an ad blocker as it allows ads from organizations that respect the user’s privacy by following the Do Not Track policy.


The green sliders in the image above indicate ones that are safe while the red ones are the intrusive third party trackers that have been blocked. For instance, in the above example, Privacy Badger has disabled Google from tracking my online activity.

In case you feel that Privacy Badger has blocked something incorrectly on a website, then you can move these sliders around to allow a page to load correctly but 99% of the times, you are not going to face this problem.

Internet privacy is a serious matter and none of should take it lightly. Install Privacy Badger today and make sure that your browsing activities are safe from those who want to invade your privacy.

~ Yogesh