A Maze & Grace: 5 Reasons Why You Need To Read It Now

The long-awaited (well, six months seems like a long time) sequel to American Goth is finally here. Check out the beautiful cover Melanie Dunn of Cuttlefish Graphics made for me.

I know a lot of you were worried about Bobby making it back from Iraq. He’s home safe and sound, but his homecoming is not going as planned. Here are  5 reasons why you need to check this great mystery out now!

1. Murder in a maze!  Hey, we all know corn fields are kind of scary. We’ve watched movies and read Stephen King. And it’s even scarier when the corn is cut into a maze. And you know what really ruins Halloween festivities? Yep… a body in the corn maze.

2. Awkward social situations.  How awkward? Trinity’s ex-boyfriend Marco shows up at the farm with his wife.  What does he want? How does  Bobby react? You’ll see.

3. More Goths in the country! Stan and Shelly aka Vlad and Lady Ravenhawke stop by for a visit. They even head out to the bowling alley with Bobby and Trinity.

4. Lots of  good food. Find out what Trinity is cooking up.

5. Bobby’s bad side. You saw a small glimpse of why you don’t want to get on Deputy Grace’s bad side in American Goth. In this book, you’ll get a closer look at the mild-mannered deputy’s dark side.

Convinced? Click here to get your copy today.

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