A reader is having issues with their Kindle App. “My Kindle app stopped working and no new password would work. I received a warning that the Kindle program was causing a threat and needed to be uninstalled which I did. How can I reinstall a Kindle program?”

Once the app is uninstalled, it’s super-simple to re-install. You don’t say what type of device you’re using, but it’s pretty much the same procedure across all apps. Go to the app store for your device and search for the Kindle app.

For Android, it’s the Google Play Store.


For Apple, you’d go to their app store.


And for a Windows tablet or phone or Windows 8.1 or 10, go to the Windows store.


The app is free, but since you already have it installed, you’ll just need to tap install again.


Once the installation is complete, you’ll have to log back into your Amazon account to see your books.

I’d also like to address what led to that warning in the first place. Was it tied to a particular book? Possibly one that you downloaded from a third-party store and were reading with the Kindle app? I ask that because sometimes you’ll find free or discounted books to download from other sites. Many are perfectly fine, but you’ll occasionally find bootleg copies of popular books that contain malware or malware disguised as eBook programs.

Where did the warning come from? Was it from a security program on your device?  It’s possible that the security program thought the Kindle app was a threat because of the way it behaves. There may not have been an actual threat, sometimes security programs can be over-zealous.

~ Cynthia