Nowadays, computers are used in almost any type of jobs and working in front of a desktop can be quite tiring after a while. Losing focus and decreasing productivity are just two symptoms people who work on computers for longer times are complaining about.

Also, recent studies have found that people who let their minds wander are less happy. Being able to control your thoughts and focus on your activities actually makes you feel better! Living in a cluttered, distraction-rich environment surely doesn’t help, and that’s when tools like these come in handy.

That is why we decided to round up some tools which will help you be mentally “present” and focused on the tasks at hand. There are many online tools which can help you fight back against the continuous distractions of our digital lives! Some are free, while others are premium. We searched for some of the best, free ones, and here’s what we cameup with.

We selected 3 online tools that will help you improve your focus and increase your productivity. These tools will help you work in a distraction-free environment while listening to relaxing sounds and knowing exactly what tasks you need to accomplish each day.

Let us know, in the comment section below, which one of these super helpful apps do you like most!



Noisli is a fantastic free online app that generates background noise and even colors for working in a relaxing environment. These online soothing ambient sounds will help you focus, work without any stress and even boost your productivity. It offers noises such as white noise, rain, river and coffee shop sounds.

This app can be used to drown out the noises that bother you. It can also be used for relaxing, meditating, yoga practicing or sleeping.

If you want to combine different sounds, such as forest, wind and water, you can definitely do that! Create your perfect combos, all for free!



Asana is free to use, simple to get started due to its very user-friendly interface, and capable of helping you run your entire business or personal tasks.

You can use this online tool, which is also available as a mobile app, to create tasks, to-dos, and reminders. It can also be used as a project management app, by creating projects and organizing your tasks as lists or boards. You can also add due dates, assignees, followers, details, and files to your tasks. Plus, you can leave comments on them and even add some other members to be part of your team.

The great thing is that you can create multiple Dashboards for various purposes. You can keep one Dashboard for work-related tasks, and another for personal activities. This makes it very easy to categorize your tasks and also prioritize them.

Check it out!

Tomato Timer


This is an online timer created especially for the famous Pomodoro technique. This is a time management technique created by Francesco Cirillo and it helps you get used to a more productive way to work and study. The technique uses a timer to break down your work into intervals of 25 minutes each and separated by short breaks. These are called Pomodoros, after the tomato-shaped timer Cirillo has invented.

This is a very basic Pomodoro online timer. It’s easy to use, flexible and has some cool features such as desktop notifications! The desktop notifications are currently supported in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It can be used on both Windows and Mac devices.

You’ll love the Pomodoro technique once you get used to it! It helps you focus, block out distractions and get to work!

~ Ruxandra Micu