Smart Mirrors Plays Music, Takes Calls

Mirror, mirror on the wall, I’d like take a call.  The Viio Smart Mirror is a lighted, Bluetooth-enabled mirror that’s able to make phone calls and stream music from your phone, tablet, or PC. Just tap the icons on the lower-right side of the mirror or activate phone calls with your voice.

It also features LED lighting that turns on and off with just a tap on the frame and a special defogging feature to make sure you can always see your reflection and built-in speakers. There’s no wiring required. The rechargeable mirror comes ready to mount on the wall.  The mirror is available in 24″ by 32″, 30″ by 30″, and 24″ x 64″ sizes. Prices start at $400.

Click here to watch a video about Viio.


MacBook Pros Banned From Bar Exams

Law students going in to take the bar exam take laptops with them that will run the software needed to take the exam. But due to a new feature on the MacBook Pro, they’re being told not to bring those devices with the new Touch Bar to the exam.


MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar has a special predictive text feature that could fill out answers for users. In some locations, will have the option of disabling the Touch Bar. Some places will have technicians on hand who can help users disable the feature. Other locations are just not permitting the new MacBook Pros at all. Users can take the test by hand or have the option of downloading the software to another device.

White House Adds Skype Seats To Press Briefing

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has added a new twist to daily press briefings. In addition to addressing reporters in the press briefing room, the White House will now offer rotating Skype seats to reporters who work outside of Washington. These journalists will be able to ask questions and listen to the response via Skype.

Among the first Skype attendees were reporters from a Kentucky newspaper and Ohio and Rhode Island local television stations.

~ Cynthia