The Battle of Adwa took place in Ethiopia in 1896. The confrontation between the Ethiopian Empire and the Kingdom of Italy turned the world upside down. Ethiopia won the battle and maintained their independence.  Ethiopia’s successful defeat of Italy brought into question whether all of Africa would be colonized by European powers. Today’s Cool Site investigates this battle through primary source archival documents and print sources to educate the public on this battle.

When you arrive at the site there is a brief introductory paragraph to the content and then below that, there are three sections you can visit. They are Features, About the Book, and Sources.

The Features section is my favorite section of the three. It includes digital maps, a timeline, and information that didn’t necessarily make it into the finished book. Here you’ll find historical information about the campaign. I really enjoyed the Emblems of Power section within Features. It shows how everyday objects can be symbols of power.

About the Book features video interviews with the author of the book. These were fun to listen to while I worked.

The Sources section takes you right into looking at the source materials for the book. Of the two sections, Archival and Print, I enjoyed the archival section the most. It offers you a look at the archival sources that the author consulted to write the book.

This was a very informative look into a history that doesn’t often make it into mainstream history.

Go check it out for yourself today!