The Google Chrome browser is the most popular browser around. So there’s a chance you may be using it already. But there’s also a good chance you aren’t familiar with all of its features. Most of just dive right in and start using a browser. We don’t take the time to learn a lot about it.  Let’s start out by taking a basic tour. Click on the Chrome icon to open the browser.


This is the default Chrome homepage.

I’m going to take a moment to clarify something very important. Up at the top, you have the address bar. Here you’ll usually see a web address beginning with www or HTTP.  This show what webpage you’re on. You can also type in a beg address and hit enter to navigate to a page like

The bar you see in the middle of the page underneath the Google logo is the Google search box.

Type an address into the address bar, press enter, and you’ll be taken directly to that page.


Type it into that Google search field and you might get the page, but you also might get search results, which may or may not be the page you wanted.

To the left of the address bar, you’ll see forward and back arrows, and a house icon. Click the house and you’ll be taken to your home page.

The rest of the browser looks pretty sparse until you get to the menu button on the right. We’ll check the options there in the next part of this article.

~ Cynthia