We’re continuing our look at Chrome, which is now the most popular browser around. We’re going to check out probably the most important place to click if you want to navigate Chrome: The menu button.  This 3-dot icon to the upper right of the browser is the key to getting almost anything done.


Click it, and you’ll see this drop-down menu.


You’ve probably noticed that in the past few years, many of the features that used to be available in a toolbar across the top of your browser have migrated to a drop-down menu. Partly because designers favor a cleaner look and partly to make sure that the desktop versions of browsers look as much like the mobile version as possible. A toolbar across the top is difficult to read on a small screen.  Let’s start by looking at how you can open additional tabs. Chrome features tabbed browsing, which means you can have more than one page open at the same time. You can open an additional tab by clicking New Tab.


Or click to the right of an open tab on what looks like the shadow of a tab.


Either will get you a fresh, new page. You can then go to any web page you choose.


Switch between pages by clicking the tab.


You can open up a lot of pages if you need to.


If you’d prefer a new Window instead of tab, you can click New Window.  A second instance of Chrome will open.


Your other option for a new Window in Chrome is to create a new incognito window. This offers you ultra-private browsing. Pages won’t be stored in your history, cookies, or search history once the window is closed.


As the series continues, we’ll learn more about Chrome menu options.

~ Cynthia