Padlet is a fun and free way to collaborate and get organized! I often refer to is as being “like Pinterest, but useful!” Now don’t get me wrong, I love Pinterest, but for me it’s a lot more about curating galleries of stuff I may or may not ever use, wheras when you create a Padlet, you’re creating to fill function.

One way I’m using Padlet as at the moment is to curate a board full of job sites for library and archive jobs (now that’s not so different from Pinterest), but then I created a second board where I’m keeping specific links to jobs I want to apply for, then I don’t have to hunt for the links. Another way I’m using Padlet right now is as a group work tool. We all join the Padlet, and can assign tasks and provide resources all in one place.

That’s just two minor ways you could use this site. I recommend checking out their About Us section where you can see example Padlets and learn about the company and how to use them.

To use Padlet, you’ll need to sign up. You can register through Facebook, Google, or with an email address. Then you’ll want to skip the upgrade to premium with the skip button in the top right of the page. To get started click the Make a Padlet button at the top right of the page. This will walk you through the tutorial on how to use the interface.

Now you’re ready to make Padlets for all your collaboration and organization needs! Go check it out today!