There are at least three ways to send the same email to multiple recipients simultaneously using Gmail: by creating a group in contacts and then using the group name after the To field, by directly writing (or selecting from contact if it is already in contacts) the names of recipients one after another after the To field, and by using Cc (Carbon copy) and Bcc (Blind carbon copy).

Sounds a bit confusing, huh?  In the first two cases we can simply get the job done using To, but what about other situations? Let’s break down the limitations of the To field and proper usages of Cc and Bcc.

The To field:

The To field is the most common way to send emails. Here’s an example:


The Cc field:

There is always the possibility that we need to send the same mail to some other people who just need to view the content. In other words, we don’t need their replies. In this case, we will make use of the Cc field. It’s as if we are just sending recipients a photocopy of a letter, but not the actual mail. According to standard practice, a Cc recipient is NOT expected to reply/take action after receiving the mail.

To add Cc recipient(s), left click on the Cc icon at the right side of To.


A new line pops up below the To field and above the Subject field.

First, add To recipient(s). Next, write the mail ids of the persons you intend to add as Cc recipients.


Finish writing the mail and hit send.

Tomorrow in part 2 of this series, we look at the Bcc or blind carbon copy.

~ Riya Kayal