First Braille Smart Watch Ready For Pre-Order

The world’s first Braille smart watch, the Dot Watch, is now available for pre-order. Dot offer a Braille watch face that visually impaired users can read with a touch of their fingers.  It works with both iOS and Android smartphones via a Bluetooth connection. It can receive texts and alerts from any app or service that the watch face will then translate into Braille dots on the watch face.

The developers say that technology for the blind hasn’t kept up with latest innovations and that most Braille devices are clunky and expensive.  The watch will retail for $290 in the United States.  Click here to watch a video about Dot.

New York Airport Servers Unsecured For A Year

According to a report byMacKeeper Security researcher Chris Vickery, backups of important servers at New York International Airport were left basically unsecured for a year.

These servers contained everything from files on TSA investigations to employee Social Security numbers to a list of network passwords. That wouldn’t include passwords to the backup servers because these servers were not even protected by passwords. That means that basically anyone could access them.

Google Shuts Down Spaces App

The folks at Google are in a bit of spring cleaning mood. They’ve decided to shut down the Spaces app, which was designed to work as sort of a small group social media platform.


The app never really caught on and the company said that while they learned a lot about how people come together, it was time to take that knowledge and apply it other products and shut Spaces down. The app has moved into a read-only mode and will shut down on April 17th.

~ Cynthia