Welcome to the Famous Trees of Texas website. Here you’ll be able to explore the famous trees of Texas, discover cool tree facts, and learn how there came to be a collection of famous trees.

When you arrive at the site, you’ll find the navigation strip offers you an About Us section, an Explore Our Trees section, a Nominate a ┬áTree section, and a News & Events section. If you want to get straight to the trees navigate to Explore Our Trees, however, if you want to learn how this collection of famous trees got started head on over to the About Us section.

Each tree entry tells you the tree’s Historical Period, Historical Topic, Species, and whether or not it is accessible to the public. You’ll also find an image of the tree and the story behind the tree in prose.

On the image, you’ll also want to click the tabs for Historic, Today, and Gallery, because some of the trees have multiple images.

This is a really cool way to investigate to use trees to explore the history of Texas.

Go check it out for yourself today!