Yesterday, we looked at some of the myths about Macs and malware that could leave your computer vulnerable to attack.  Today, we bust some more myths about Apple’s popular computers.

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3. Mac’s Built-In Programs Are Enough to Prevent Malware

Mac OS comes with built-in protection like XProtect, Gatekeeper, and an Application Firewall.

These programs are intended to boost security and protection against malware infections. However, just because a Mac has these programs doesn’t mean it safe from all malware attack.

Never forget that even Apple’s developers were attacked by an OSX/Pintsized virus, and all the above software programs were unable to stop it.  So it’s a good idea to consider third-party security programs as well. (again, just as with Windows.)

This doesn’t mean Mac’s built-in security programs are useless. Actually, they are very effective compared to other similar built-in protection programs found in other operating systems. The bottom line is that these programs are not enough.


5. Mac Is Virus Free

For a very long time, many people believed that Mac was virus free. ( You’ll also hear people say the same thing about Linux OS) Perhaps, they were referring to Windows viruses. Windows viruses cannot penetrate Mac, but that doesn’t mean Mac is free from any virus. Macs have been the targets of viruses and worms since the 1990s and a worm specifically targeting OS X was first found in 2006.

. Using a Mac can reduce the probability of a malware attack, but all devices from Windows PCs to Macs, to Linux desktops to Android phones, are vulnerable to attack. That’s why users must always keep their devices updated, be cautious of where they go online, and use virus protection.

~ Emilee