How to: Router Level Ad Blocking

If you think having to install an ad blocker on every device you own is a pain. I may have the perfect solution for you. Just follow my steps and you’ll rid your devices of all those pesky, unwanted ads.

Let’s begin by understanding how this works.

Computers talk to each other using IP addresses to identify each other on the Internet, but humans can’t remember IP addresses, so they use words like A domain name system (DNS) translates into an IP address such as which then takes you to your destination.

When you use an Ad block DNS, every time a website sends an ad request, the server sends back a null response because you’re routing traffic through their server first. These ad blocking companies generally have a database of domain names that serve ads and keep it updated regularly.

Although not a foolproof method, router level ad blocking is a great way to block most ads on device’s connected to your home router by modifying certain settings.

Before we jump in and make any changes I want to caution you to back up your router settings. I cannot get into the details of how to do that due to the sheer number of manufacturers and devices out there. But a simple Google search on “How to backup settings for <insert router manufacturer and model no. here> should give you all the information you need. Alternatively, you could dig into your router manual for information on how to do it.

All right, let’s get to it.

1)Fire up your browser and log into your router setting page- Now, depending on your router, your IP address could be or however they don’t necessarily have to be these IP addresses. If you don’t know what your devices’ IP address and login credentials are you can check for it here or visit

2) Look for DNS settings on your router’s setup page. Different router have different user interfaces but to simplify things I’ve put links to the most common ones out here-NetgearLinksysTP-LinkDigicomD-LinkBelkinAsusBuffalo

3) Select ‘Use the following DNS settings”. We will be using AdGuard’s DNS so enter the following numbers into the boxes provided.

Primary DNS-

Secondary DNS-

There are other Advert blocking DNS providers you can use –

Alternate DNS

Primary DNS –

Secondary DNS-



Primary DNS-

Secondary DNS-

4) Save your settings and Reboot your router. That’s it. In a little bit, you’ll start noticing no ads while browsing the web on your devices.

Note- If you notice irregularities or broken web pages while browsing you can go back to your old DNS settings by logging into your router’s settings page and unchecking ‘Use the following DNS settings”

Please don’t hesitate to share your experience or ask questions in the comments section below.


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