Google Increases Chrome Protection For Mac Users

Google says it’s strengthening its protection for Mac devices by improving malware defense.  The company is warning users to expect more alerts about dangerous sites or downloads as a result of the stronger protection.


Google is specifically targeting unwanted ads and malware that adjusts Chrome user settings. ( Like hijackers that change start page and default search engine )  Only programs downloaded from the Chrome web store will be allowed to make any changes to Chrome settings and users will be alerted that the software is making changes.

These protections have been in place for Chrome on Windows since 2014.

Gmail Ups Attachment Size Limit

In other Google news, Gmail users will now be able to receive attachments of up to 50 MB in size in their inboxes. Previously the limit was 25 MB. That 25 MB limit still applies to messages that you’re sending. If you need to send a larger attachment, you’ll have to use Google Drive.


Spotify Considering Hi-Fi Audio Tier

Streaming powerhouse Spotify could soon be offering an upgrade to Premium Spotify subscriptions to Spotify Hi-Fi, a new tier that promises to offer lossless audio quality.  Users reported seeing the offer pop up on their devices, but Spotify isn’t saying much about the offer.


It looks as if the HiFi tier will be priced at the $5 or $10 mark. (On top of your $10 Spotify Premium subscription.)

Attempts by Neil Young with Pono and Jay-Z with Tidal to offer high-quality streaming audio have met with limited success. In reality, most folks listen to streaming audio on the go while engaged in other activities, so improvement in audio quality is often drowned out by surrounding noise.

~ Cynthia