Apple On Top Of  Alleged CIA Hacks

Apple says it has already taken care of the security flaws that leaked documents claim the CIA used to hack iPhones.

In a statement, the company said, “Nearly 80 percent of users (are) running the latest version of our operating system. While our initial analysis indicates that many of the issues leaked today were already patched in the latest OS, we will continue work to rapidly address any identified vulnerabilities. We always urge customers to download the latest iOS to make sure they have the most recent security updates.”

So make sure to apply the latest updates to your iPhone. You never know who might be listening.

IBM Scientists Store Data On An Atom

Researchers at IBM say they’ve made a major breakthrough in data storage. They say they’ve been able to write data on a single atom and read that data back.


The scientists say they accomplished it with magnetic storage, which is already commonly used for many storage formats including flash drives. Using this type of storage it would theoretically be possible to store 35 million songs on a device the size of a credit card.

 Google Assistant Now Available On More Android Phones

Google Assistant, which was previously only available on Pixel phones, will now be offered for devices running Android Marshmallow or Nougat.

In addition to accepting voice commands, Assistant can search for photos and provide better search results.

~ Cynthia