A minor annoyance is testing a reader’s patience. “My friend often sends me local pictures of where I used to live via Facebook messenger, but there is one old picture that always appears at the end of the group. She has tried for months to find and delete it but cannot find it, on her PC it just says she uploaded it, but will not allow her or me to delete it, she is using  Win 10, Google chrome, can you please help , it is driving us both mad ,thank you for all your tips ,we love your page .

Deleting it from the PC won’t remove it from the message thread. You need to get rid of that particular message thread and start a new one.  Open Messenger and then choose “View All In Messenger.”


On the far left, find your conversation thread and hover over it until you see a gear icon.  From the drop-down menu that pops up, choose Archive or Delete. Then you can just create a new conversation to chat in.


That should give you a fresh start without that annoying photo.

~ Cynthia