Time’s Running Out For Office 2007

The clock is ticking for support for Office 2007. While the Office Suite will work with Windows 10, security and bug-fix support for the program end on October 10, 2017.  Security support is especially important with Office products since vulnerabilities in Office are a popular target for malicious hackers.


Office 2007 isn’t going to just stop working, but if you aren’t ready to upgrade, I wouldn’t have it on a PC that connects to the Internet.


Samsung Adds Bixby Button For Instant Personal Assistant

Samsung is getting into the digital assistant game by adding Bixby. Bixby will debut on the Galaxy S8. What makes Bixby stand out in a field with Google Voice, Alexa, Cortana, and Siri is a button devoted to opening Bixby just under the volume control on the GS8.  You’ll also be able to control Bixby by voice.

Right now Bixby only works with certain built-in apps on the GS8, but support for more apps and more devices is expected to be announced later this year.


iHeart Radio App Hits 100 Million Users

It raised a lot of eyebrows when radio giant Clear Channel changed their name to iHeartMedia and switched a lot of their focus from over-the-air radio to their iHeartRadio App.


The app allows you to listen to stations all over the country on your mobile device or to create your own music station based on your preferences. The decision has paid off in app users, with the app passing the 100 million user mark.  The app also features a paid $5 a month tier that allows users to replay and skip songs and a $10 subscription that offers unlimited commercial-free music plays.

However, all those app downloads haven’t helped the company overall. It is still struggling with massive debt with many expecting the media giant to declare bankruptcy.

Where do you listen to radio programming? Over the air or via an app? Let us know in the comments.

~ Cynthia