Let’s face it, life gets busy sometimes. From work, family obligations, home maintenance, school assignments, shopping, car repairs, and more, it seems like there are a million different things to get done each day. Fortunately, there are several task management apps available in both the Android and iOS app stores. So many, in fact, that it can be difficult to decide which app to use.

To make the decision easier, we’ve put together a list of some of the most popular task management apps and looked at a few of the benefits and downsides of each. Since most task management apps only grant limited functionality unless you pay a fee, we’ll also provide information on how much the app costs.


Wunderlist allows users to create to-do lists and set due dates on one device, then share it across all of their other devices. This allows users to sync even between devices with different operating systems. Users can assign up to 25 tasks per shared list, as well as 25 subtasks for each task. Users who pay for a Pro account don’t have any of these limits. While the Pro version is a bit more expensive than other task management apps, the free versions interface is one of the more intuitive designs.


Major platforms available: iOS, Android, Web

Cost: Free, or Pro Version available for $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year


Trello is particularly popular when it comes to collaboration. It organizes projects into nested categories, with a card wall displaying all of the current projects. Projects show up on this wall as boards, which contain cards representing important tasks, and then further branch into lists of sub-tasks. Users can use this organization design to categorize and track progress by dragging and dropping cards from one board to another as tasks are completed.


As different team members update project components, the rest of the team receives notifications alerting them of changes and new assignments. Updates show up immediately on each team member’s screen.

Major platforms available: iOS, Android, Web

Cost: Free, “Business Class” for $9.99 per month


Like most other task management apps, Any.do syncs across platforms and has a Web portal. One of the tools that sets Any.do apart, though, is its Any.do Moment, which isolates the tasks to be completed on a specific day. This feature encourages users to plan out their tasks ahead of time and segment the work into smaller, more manageable chunks.


The Premium subscription allows unlimited Any.do moments, while the free account only allows five each month. A free account also limits the app’s sharing capabilities and limits uploadable file sizes. The company is also developing an Any.do Assistant feature which reviews tasks and offers to assist you with the task. This includes things like ordering materials online and scheduling appointments.

Major platforms available: iOS, Android, Web, Desktop

Cost: Free, “Premium” account for $5 per month or $45 per year


Toodledo is a bit different from most of the other task managers on this list. The app allows users to set up rules to automatically prioritize tasks. If a user is trying to fill time efficiently, the Scheduler feature can automatically go through tasks and present the user with the highest priority task on the list that will fit into an available time slot.


Another feature that sets Toodledo apart from its competition is a feature that in the past may have made it seem archaic but now is considered an asset: it allows users to print a hard copy of the to-do list. It also includes a time tracking tool.

Major platforms available: iOS, Android, Web

Cost: Free, “Silver” for $14.99 per year, “Gold” for $29.99 per year, “Platinum” for $89.99 per year

This list is not intended as a comprehensive list, but merely as a starting point as you begin your search for the right task management app for you. Only you will really know which app you prefer, and each of these apps has a free version available. We recommend trying out each one and deciding which one fulfills your personal requirements. Look for an app that offers the specific tools and functionality that you are looking for and seems most intuitive to you.

Carol Evenson is a business consultant specializing in cybersecurity and data management. She has worked with Fortune 1000 companies and currently assists organizations within the US and UK.