Brought to you by the Immigration History Research Center at the University of Minnesota and the Immigration and Ethnic History Society this site offers a collection of readings and multimedia about immigration history formatted syllabus style.

My father’s family immigrated to the United States during World War II. All of my life I’ve heard stories about how they had to change their last name upon arriving, but it’s always just sat in the back of my mind as part of who I am. I haven’t interrogated or questioned it, but now I’m infinitely curious about it. So, you know by now I love to research things, and that I love history. ┬áThat means instead of just my family’s story I wanted to understand immigration to the United States as a whole, and I can’t believe this amazing resource was just waiting for me.

When you arrive at the site, all you have to do to navigate is scroll down the page. As you do you’ll encounter the information formatted as a syllabus (an open syllabus┬áso other can use it to teach) starting with weeks 1-2 and finishing up with weeks 12-15. Each section gives you a brief idea of what the readings contain with an introduction. Then you’ll find the information divided up by the reading lists, primary sources, and multimedia.

You can also use the navigation strip across the top of the page to select the weeks you want to browse.

This is a really great way to learn the history of immigration, go check it out for yourself today!