We heard from someone in a panic. He’s got a new device that wants his network password, but he’s not sure what it is and wants to know how to find it. I’ve got a few suggestions.


1. Check a device you’ve already got connected to the router. You may be able to make the password visible somewhere under network settings. If you’ve told Windows Credential Manager to remember the password, you may be able to look it up there.

2. Check your router. If you stuck with the default password, it’s possible that it’s on a sticker on the back or bottom of the router itself.

3. Check with your ISP. If your ISP set up your network with their router, they may have a record of the password in their records.

4. If you thought you knew what the password was at one time, make sure you’re putting it in correctly. Look out for extra spaces, missed characters, and capital letters. It’s often easy to confuse a numeral 0 for the letter o.

5. Check your papers. If you usually wrote. things like that down, it’s likely that you wrote this down as well. It’s just a matter of figuring out where you filed it.

~ Cynthia