You don’t have to work for NASA ( National Aeronautics and Space Administration)  to get access to their great software and apps. Just click here to access their 2017-2018 catalog. You’ll need to create an account (with username and password)  to request software. Let’s take a look at some of the great stuff NASA has to offer online.

Want to boost your 3D graphic library? Check out for tons of images, models and textures.


Test your motor skills on the iPad with this Fine Motor Skills App ( or go back in time for a Glenn Research Center tour between 1941 and 1979 at


The HazPop iOS app ( combines information on natural hazards with population data for some fantastic statistics and practical scenarios for a deeper glimpse into how people get aid and deal with these issues.


Get authentic and current (as early as four hours ago) satellite imagery at


Among the powerful  software you can get for free is software that will allow you to visualize fluid dynamics ( You can also go deeper into patterns with PixelLearn (


If you are into text mining then try the Semantic Text Mining and Annotation for Information Extraction and Trend Analysis Tool ( HR workers or self-assessment aficionados might like the Integrated Cognitive Assessment Tool: Combining Person, System, and Mission software (

Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.

~ Michael Siebenaler