Uber Stops Self-Driving Car Test After Crash

After a crash of a test car in Arizona, Uber has pulled its fleet of 16 self-driving cars from the road. The self-driving cars did have Uber engineers riding in the vehicles, but they were in the automated driving mode at the time of the crash.


While the accident, didn’t appear to be the fault of the Uber vehicle, the company pulled automated taxis from the streets in Tempe, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh. The tests had progressed to the point of offering rides to customers.

What do you think of the idea of self-driving taxis? Would you take a ride? Let us know in the comments.


 Samsung To Sell Refurbished Note 7 Phones – To Help The Environment

Just when you thought the saga of the exploding Galaxy Note 7 was over, it turns out that Samsung has plans to sell refurbished versions of the recalled devices. Why?

Samsung says it’s to help the environment. Environmental activists were worried about Samsungs plans to destroy the defective phones.  So, refurbished models may be headed into the hands of customers. There are no plans to sell the phones in the U.S. Plus the overseas distribution plans could hit snags from local governments.

What do you think? Is it worth the safety risks to avoid dumping so many phones at once?  Let us know in the comments.

 Look Out Go Fund Me – Facebook Will Let You Raise Funds

Facebook will now let users set up personal fundraisers similar to the way GoFundMe works. Users will be limited to specific kinds of fundraisers like medical, education, and funeral expenses.


Facebook pages will also now be allowed to add donation buttons to direct people to nonprofit organizations.

~ Cynthia