I love it when I have a simple solution to something that’s been bugging a reader.  For example, this reader: “When I got one of the windows 10 update my List of programs went to a line like the tile bit.  Takes forever to find what you want.  Is there a way to getting it back to a simple list?”
The reader included this screenshot:


One glance and I knew the problem. The computer was in tablet mode. Windows 10 offers 2 options. There are the standard desktop and the touch-friendly tablet mode for those using touch-screen devices. Fortunately, it’s simple to get back to the desktop mode. On the right side of the screen, select the gear icon to open Settings.


When Settings opens, chose Tablet Mode from the pane on the left of the page.


On the right side, you’ll see your options.


Choose the drop-down arrow underneath “When I Log In” to change to desktop mode.


Below that, you’ll choose whether or not the device switches to tablet mode without asking. Either set it not to switch without permission or not to every switch at all. Since it sounds like you may have accidentally switched to tablet mode, I’d suggest choosing never. You can always manually switch if you need to go into tablet mode for some reason.


You may need to restart to get back to desktop mode. I hope this helps.

~ Cynthia