Yesterday, we looked at how to find and install custom fonts. Today, in part 2 of the tip, we’ll learn how to manage your new fonts.

How To Manage Them

So, installing them is easy enough; but what happens if you want to manage your fonts?

First, right-click the Start button and click Control Panel.

Then, if you use Large/Small Icons view, you can just click Fonts.

If you use Category view, you’ll have to click Appearance and Personalization first, then Fonts.

You’ll see a screen full of all the fonts currently installed on your computer. This is where all the default fonts are stored, as well as any fonts you may have installed in the past. If you want to modify or delete the fonts on your PC, this is where you need to be!

By right-clicking each font file, you can see the preview file for it, as well as print out the font if you want to see how it looks on paper.  If you want to delete one, you can click Delete instead and get rid of it from your system.



When it comes to adding your own personal flare to a project, documents, or graphics design, sometimes you’ll want something beyond what Microsoft offers you by default. Now you know how to safely find fonts, install them on Windows 10, and manage them should they prove not to be what you’d like.

Do you have any favourite font websites you get your fonts from? Let everyone know of them below!

~ Simon