A reader is having problems searching with Cortana: “Windows 10 Cortana search works well on the web but very limited on this DELL Inspiron laptop. The 17-year-old Windows XP OS search was slow but very good and able to dig out just one word from thousands of documents, so why has the latest Windows 10 proven to be so useless in this respect? How can we configure Win 10 word search to do the same as that oldĀ  WIN. XP OS?”

Cortana has some pretty powerful search capabilities. To find results for words contained in your documents, you just need to refine the search parameters. In the example below, I’m looking for a word in a document on my PC. If I just enter the word and search, the results seem pretty vague.


Let’s refine the search. Start by clicking the arrow at the top right of the Start Menu.


You’ll see the option to filter by apps, settings, documents, folders, and more. Click on any of these items to filter by that category.


Better yet, if you know where you want to look before you type in your search. Choose Documents before you type in your search word.


As you can see below, once I filtered my search by documents, I have lots of relevant results.


~ Cynthia