Sometimes readers ask questions that I just can answer, like this one: “I have been using Carbonite for a few years and after reading your article on OneDrive, I am considering changing to OneDrive. Is this the right thing to do? Currently using 25 GB for files, photos, and music.”


I’m afraid I just can’t answer that question for you. Both are perfectly good services. If you aren’t familiar with Carbonite, it’s a service that offers cloud backups of your files, much in the way that OneDrive and DropBox do.  OneDrive offers 5 GBs of storage for free.  You can purchase an additional GB for $1.99 monthly. If you already have an Office 365 subscription, you’ll get 1 TB of storage included.  I’m not sure which Carbonite plan you have, so I can’t be sure how the cost stacks up.

Are you pleased with Carbonite’s services? I will say that OneDrive is seamlessly integrated into Windows and I like that feature a lot.

One suggestion I might have is to try out OneDrive free plan for backing up some of your files while your yearly Carbonite subscription is still good. That way you can get some idea of how well OneDrive might work for you.

~ Cynthia