If you’re switching to a new PC or just adding an additional device to your life, you’ll probably want to transfer your Firefox bookmarks. Here’s how to do it. First, you’ll need to export your bookmarks. Open Firefox and click the bookmarks icon at the top right of the window. When the drop-down menu opens, choose Show all bookmarks at the very bottom. You could also use the keyboard and press Ctrl+Shift+B.


When the bookmarks library opens, click on the arrow next to Import and Backup.


From the drop-down menu, choose Export Bookmarks to HTML


Then choose a place to save them. The default name will be “bookmarks,” but you can change it if you like. To transfer to another PC, you might choose a cloud account or a flash drive. Now it’s time to start the process again and import the bookmarks to another PC.  On the other PC, you’ll want to open Firefox, choose the bookmark icon once again and select Show all bookmarks. 

Once again, choose Import and Backup.  However, this time choose Import bookmarks from HTML.


When File Explorer opens, go to where you’ve saved the file, select it and choose open. Your bookmarks will be imported into the browser.

~ Cynthia