A reader is looking for a particular piece of equipment. “Where do I find a stand alone audio cassette to DVD recorder? I have a number of audio cassettes I need to record to CDs.”


I don’t know where you’d find that particular device – though I’m sure there might be one out there somewhere. The trick is that cassettes are a linear way to store audio and CDs are a storage method for digital files. Some type of computer is necessary to convert those linear sounds into digital files.  So you’d need to first convert the sounds to a digital format and then burn them to the CD.

I have seen cassette recorders that convert files to MP3s. You can stick a USB drive in and then transfer those files to a PC and later burn to a CD. You’d be better off buying a cassette player that connects via USB to a PC. Once the audio is converted to a digital file, you can edit it by track and then burn the selections you want to DVD.

Even better, if you still have a stereo with a cassette deck, you can get a media converter and plug that into the audio jacks.  Then use a program like Audacity to edit the tracks.

~ Cynthia