Duke University brings you Project Vox. This project seeks to recover the role of women in the development of modern philosophy.

At the top of the page, you’ll find the categories About, Teaching, Images, Timeline, and Philosopher. I recommend starting with the Timeline section. It starts with the birth of Descartes and ends with the death of Voltaire and the posthumous publication of Du Châtelet’s Discours sur le Bonheur. Throughout the timeline, you’ll find the traditional history of philosophy interspersed with the addition of the contributions of women who have been largely ignored throughout history.

Next head on over to the Philosopher section where you’ll find featured the five women who are the focus of this site: Astell, Cavendish, Conway, Du Châtelet, and Masham.  In each section, you’ll find a brief biography of each woman and then an amazing list of resources connected to them. These resources include their writings, their portraits, a chronology, and more!

This is an incredible site! Go check it out today!