Spring Cleaning For Contacts

There’s one place you may not have thought about cleaning up lately – and that’s your contacts list. Whether it’s your email or your phone, they both tend to get cluttered up with old addresses, addresses we don’t need, or even contacts for folks who have passed away.


How about you block out a little time tonight or this weekend to clean that mess up? First, go through the names and see if it’s anyone you need to maintain contact with. If it’s not someone you need to talk to or if the contact belongs to someone who has passed away, delete it.

Then, return to contacts for people you know. If you have multiple contacts for the same person, get rid of all but one of them. Next, confirm that the email addresses, phone numbers, etc… are correct. If not, update the information.  Make a plan to do this once or twice a year. Even once a month, if you feel ambitious.  It’ll be much easier to send messages with an orderly inbox.

If you decide to attempt a cleanup, let us know how many contacts you ended up deleting.

~ Cynthia

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