There’s a new device joining the Amazon family of virtual assistants. The Echo Show, like the Echo and the Echo Dot, can play music, answer questions, and help control your smart home devices. But this new device can also play videos, show security camera feeds, and allow you to make video calls.

Users can place hands-free video calls to anyone else who has an Echo show or is using the Alexa App on a device with a camera. Or they can make voice calls to anyone with an Echo or an Echo Dot.


Users will be able to see on-screen lyrics when they play their Amazon music, plus also stream music from other popular music apps.


If you’re using cameras from Ring or Arlo, you’ll be able to monitor your front door or check your baby monitor.


It’s also compatible with many smart home devices, so you can adjust the temperature, turn on lights, and more with voice commands.


Echo Show has eight microphones, so it’s able to pick up and understand your voice even when music is playing.  This doesn’t come cheap, Echo Show starts at $300.

~ Cynthia