This is a really neat web tool that allows you to figure out what platform a website is built with!

When you arrive at the site you could watch the video that explains what the site is used for, but I don’t think it’s necessary. All you need to do is take the url of a website and copy it then paste it into the field on the page. For example, you could take the url for, paste into the site and learn what it is being run on. You’ll want to scroll down to Content Management System, where you’ll discover that WorldStart uses WordPress!

This is really helpful if you a see a site whose design you really like and would like to use as a template. That’s how I settled on using SquareSpace for my personal website. I saw a website I really liked the look of and investigated what platform it was built on. Then went and checked out the platform to see if I could something similar.

This is a cool way to figure out what content management systems are behind your favorite websites! Go check it out for yourself today!