This site is a cool way to explore fonts and artificial intelligence.

When you arrive there will be a pop up with a brief explanation of what the site is about and two ways you can get started. The first is to just pan and zoom to explore, and the second is to start by searching a font. To pick either of these options you need to click Start Exploring.

You can click on the different font types to see what is closely linked together. Or you can type in a font face in the top left corner of the page. I chose to start browsing that way by looking up Roboto, Century Gothic, and Montserrat.

As you click around on fonts, you can track their relationships to similar fonts by watching the information that changes on the left side of the page.

This was a really cool way to explore different fonts, and could be a really fun way to find a similar font if you don’t have access to your favorite.

Go check it out for yourself today!