Microsoft Introduces Game Pass

Microsoft is introducing sort of a Netflix for games with Xbox Game Pass. The subscription service gives gamers who pay $9.99 a month access to over 100 Xbox One and Backward Compatible Xbox 360 games.


Any user with an Xbox Live account can begin their 14-day trial by going to

Among the games are Halo 5, LEGO Batman, Pac-Man Championship, Saints Row IV, and many more. If subscribers decide they want to purchase a game, they’ll receive a substantial discount.

Drone Regulations Overturned

The District of Columbia Court of Appeals struck down FAA regulations (including registration requirements) for hobby drones, saying that the FAA isn’t legally allowed to regulate model aircraft.


With drone regulations up in the air, lawmakers are proposing the Drone Federalism which would help federal, state, and local governments work together to to regulate the use of both recreational and commercial drones.

Pinterest Is Watching Your Plate

Social media app Pinterest is using artificial intelligence to watch what users eat. But don’t worry, they don’t want to put you on a diet. In fact, quite the opposite.


Snap a photo of your food, and a new feature called Pinterest Lens will figure out what you’re enjoying and offer up recipes for similar items. Users will also be able to search for recipes using filters that reflect special diets.

~ Cynthia