This site brings you a combination of theater history and geographical information science in the form of an interactive map and research database on Performance Culture in Nottingham from 1857-1867.

When you arrive at the site, wait for the interactive content to finish loading, then you’ll see the introductory material featured on the main page with navigation tabs along the to of the interface.

I suggest reading the Introduction, Using the Site, and Sources section before you start exploring the tabs on the navigation strip. Once you’ve done that I’d head right on into the maps section and check out the map, because maps are often my favorite parts of sites like this. I’ll give you a hint, the Census section is also constructed on a map!

After that I headed over to Images so I could check out the photographs in the Picture Bank. It is filled with images from the period, that include newspaper clippings and even watercolors!

This is a cool way to look into the past! Go check it out for yourself today!